We truly believe that being human is what makes the difference.

HI Partners assist you to find the best opportunity based on your expectations.

HI Partners is a human-sized recruitment agency in Luxembourg. Our experienced team has not only expertise with recruitment skills, but also developed knowledge in the financial field with previous experiences in the financial sector such as Audit firm in Investment Funds, Risk Management for Investment Funds in a ManCo, and Internal & Operational Risks in the Bank environment.

Our mission is to provide a unique recruitment service based on your desires. We aim to connect the right people together for a sustainable growth and long-term relationships.  

At HI Partners, we focus on quality over quantity which enables us to provide the best service. We truly believe that candidates are more than just skills matching the job description.

In our research, we focus on technical skills, but more importantly, we strongly value the soft skills and personalities of our candidates as these qualities will be crucial for their long-term relationships during their professional career.

Skills can always be developed, however, attitude cannot be.
“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”
Albert Einstein

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